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Supplying high quality windows and doors at trade prices

What's included?

All supply only windows come with the following:

Style 65 window

5 steps to your perfect new window...

Step 1: Decide on your window style below - Click 'Get a price' to open our window designer.

Step 2: Start by entering your frame dimensions (mm).

Step 3: Select your glass. All units are A rated double glazed as standard. Add obscure or toughened glass if required.

Step 4: Choose your frame colour.

Step 5: Choose your window furniture and extras. Add as many windows as you need and when you're done, click 'Proceed to details'.

- A Rated double glazed unit

- 85mm or 150mm cill

- White/Chrome/Gold handle*

- Espagnolette locking system*
- BFRC spacer bar
- Internally beaded for easier installation
- Featured profile

- 10 year manufacturers guarantee

- Building regulations compliant

Style 76

Can't find the style you are after?

Style 64 window
Style 75 window
Style 74 window

*Only available for opening windows

Style 77 window

Green lines show an opener. Where the green lines meet denotes a hinge. ​Please note that all styles are viewed from the outside.

Style 92

Style 77

Filter by Glazed Units: 

Filter our window styles depending on how many pieces of glass your window has

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Style 51 window
Style 55 window
Style 67 window

Style 64

Style 73 window
Style 92 window

UPVC windows with six glazed pieces are some of our largest window styles. Available in a wide range of sizing options to suit your requirements. Follow the steps below to get an instant price for your replacement window in just a few clicks.

Style 55

Style 74

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Style 65

Style 76 window

Style 67

Style 72 window

UPVC Windows with 6 glazed pieces

Frame extras

Customise your frame with various security and hinge upgrades:

Style 73

Style 93

Glazing extras

Click to see our various glazing extras available at an additional cost:

Style 50 window

Style 75

Style 93 window

Style 50

If you can't find the style you are looking for above then please give us a call or download our quotation sheet. Sketch out the design and write down the dimensions of your window and send your quotation form to us by post, email or by using our form upload box below. 

Style 51

Style 72