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Supplying high quality windows and doors at trade prices

Frame extras

Style 62 window
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Style 54 window

Style 19

Style 97 window
Shootbolt locking
Style 94 window
Style 79 window
Georgian bar
Prestige woodgrains

Paper quotation

Style 91 window
Style 83 window

Style 6

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Secure by Design upgrade available

Style 29 window
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Style 10

Style 72

Style 38 window
Style 70 window

Style 44

Style 37 window

Can't find the style you are after?

Style 3 window
Style 12 window

Style 89

Style 23 window
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High performance Q-Lon weatherseal

Internally Glazed, multi-chambered

Espagnolette locking system

Phocus stainless steel friction hinges

Galvanised steel reinforcement

28mm Low-line glazing bead

Style 36 window
Style 96 window
Style 28 window
Style 55 window
Style 50 window
Style 40 window
Style 20 window
Style 48 window
Style 30 window
Style 25 window
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Style 52

Style 14 window

Style 40

Style 32 window
Style 18 window

Additional sacbolt available. Add a separate bolt to your windows for extra security 

Style 66

Style 71

Style 89 windows
Style 77 window

Dramatically reduce noise pollution

When you order a diy window at Trade Windows 4U, you get an A rated double glazed unit as standard. We can offer a C or B rated alternative if required. We also offer a triple glazed option which can help reduce your household energy bills. We can also customise your glass with georgian bar and lead designs. Need an obscure or toughened unit? No problem!

Style 41 window
Style 22 window

Style 54

Style 9

Style 49 window
Style 73 window

Style 83

Easy clean hinge upgrade

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Style 51

Georgian bar design
Style 85 window
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Child restrictor latches - Allows the window to open marginally

Style 1

If you'd rather get a paper quotation, head to our free quotation page. There you can find out printable quotation form where you can draw the styles you would like a price on and send it over to us.

Style 34 window
Style 16 window
Style 67 window

Style 46

A small feature makes a huge difference.

All of our supply only casement windows and diy composite doorframes come with Q-Lon seals as standard.

This gives you a weatherproof seal, for life!

Style 93

5 steps to your perfect new window...

Step 1: Decide on your window style below - Click 'Get a price' to open our window designer.

Step 2: Start by entering your frame dimensions (mm).

Step 3: Select your glass. All units are A rated double glazed as standard. Add obscure or toughened glass if required.

Step 4: Choose your frame colour.

Step 5: Choose your window furniture and extras. Add as many windows as you need and when you're done, click 'Proceed to details'.

Style 17

Glazing extras

Style 45

Style 5

Style 68 window

Style 35

Style 76

Style 78

Style 39

Casement window
Style 86 window

Reduce condensation by up to 80%

Window Security

Style 60 window
Standard woodgrains
Style 21 window
Style 93 window
Foil finishes

Style 61

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Style 29

- A Rated double glazed unit
- 85mm or 150mm cill

- White/Chrome/Gold handle*

- Espagnolette locking system*
- BFRC spacer bar
- Internally beaded for easier installation
- Featured profile

- 10 year manufacturers guarantee

- Building regulations compliant

Q-lon weatherseal

Style 74

Style 27

Style 11

Style 7

Style 50

Style 87 window
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All windows supplied are of the highest quality ensuring an energy efficient window with a long lifespan. We take pride in ensuring that all windows meet the needs and requirements of our customers. To see how we achieve this, head to our window frame features page where each frame component is identified. Upgrade your windows to A rated double glazing and let us help you save money on your energy bills.

Style 69 window
Style 74 window

Style 68

Style 77

Window Frame Extras

Style 65

Style 63

Style 31 window
Style 33 window

Style 96

When you buy a diy UPVC window online from Trade Windows 4U, you get an A rated double glazed unit as standard. We have an impressive range of fixed and opening windows depending on your needs. We have no minimum order value meaning that whether you need windows for a full house or just to replace that bathroom window you've been meaning to get done then we have the solution for you. All windows that we supply are made to your specific measurements and can be customised with a range of colour, glass and frame options.

Ordering your supply only double glazing with us couldn't be easier. Follow our steps below and receive an instant quote in just a few clicks. With prices starting from £38 incl. VAT, we offer showroom quality diy windows at low trade prices.

Style 88

Style 76 window

Style 84

Style 20

Style 81

Easy clean/fire egress hinge - Allows a window to open at 90 degrees as a means of escape in a fire

Style 23

Style 36

Style 64 window

If you can't find the style you are looking for above then please give us a call or download our quotation sheet. Sketch out the design and write down the dimensions of your window and send your quotation form to us by post, email or by using our form upload box below. 

Style 65 window

Style 15

White colours

Add on/frame extenders - Useful for rendered properties to ensure opening windows don't foul and open correctly

Style 94

Style 58

Style 75 window

Style 4

UPVC Window features

Style 61 window

Style 31

Style 47

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Style 72 window

Style 73

Style 25

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Style 26 window

Style 38

Style 35 window
Style 80 window

Style 8

36mm triple glazed unit

Style 56 window
Style 52 window

Window Glazing Extras

Customise your window with our wide range of coloured foil options. Choose from authentic woodgrain effect window colours such as Rosewood or Golden Oak or stunning alternative foils such as Chartwell Green. All our windows are available in White, Rosewood, Golden Oak, Mahogany, Irish Oak, Rustic Cherry, Soft Cherry, Antique Teak, Cream, Light Grey, Slate Grey, Dark Grey, Black/Brown, Dark Red, Steel Blue, Dark Green and Chartwell Green.

We can offer an external colour with white internal or with colours both sides depending on your requirements. 

Style 26

Style 97

Style 86

Style 17 window

Once you have chosen your required style, you can then add the necessary frame upgrades you need. Different hinges or trickle vents are available for building regulation compliance and we supply frame extenders (add ons) to ease installation.

36mm Triple glazed unit
Style 84 window
Style 88 window

Style 43

Style 92 window

Style 91

Style 22

Style 82

Style 59 window

Style 56

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Window ​Colours

Style 45 window

Style 28

Style 11 window
Style 46 window
Style 66 window
Style 2 window
Style 13 window
Style 27 window

Style 16

Style 64

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Style 71 window
Style 15 window
Style 78 window
Style 10 window

Style 2

Style 37

*Only available for opening windows

Style 59

Style 24 window

Style 32

Style 7 window

Style 75

Style 47 window

Style 42

Free Shootbolt locking upgrade for all orders of 6 frames or more

Style 80

Style 81 window

Style 67

Filter by Glazed Units: 

Filter our window styles depending on how many pieces of glass your window has

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Style 8 window
Style 5 window

Style 12

Style 58 window

Style 85

Style 6 window

Style 95

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Style 69

Style 87

Style 51 window

Style 33

Style 44 window

Shootbolt locking upgrade provides 400% more contact area compared to espagnolette locking system

Style 70

What's included?

Style 55

Style 21

Green lines show an opener. Where the green lines meet denotes a hinge. ​Please note that all styles are viewed from the outside.

Style 43 window

Style 30

Style 9 window
Style 19 window
Style 42 window

Style 14

Style 79

Style 49

Style 62

Style 63 window

Style 13

Style 3

Supply only Windows

Style 92

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Trickle Vents - Allows a small amount of ventilation into your home

Style 1 window
Style 57 window

Style 60

Various coloured handles - White as standard but also available in Chrome, Gold and Black

Security when considering replacement double glazing is a high priority. We all want to feel safe and secure in our homes, that's why all of our casement windows come with a highly secure locking system as standard. There are also additional security upgrades available for further peace of mind.

Style 48

Style 39 window
Easy clean hinge
Style 95 window
Style 82 window

Style 34

Style 18

Style 57

Style 24

Style 4 window

Style 41