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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a composite door?

Composite doors are entrance doors that are made from a combination of materials based on the performance of each component. The doors comprise of of GRP skin and are weatherproof, boast excellent resistance to knocks, scratches and whatever the weather throws at them. Unlike other UPVC doors, they don't twist, warp or split. Our composite doors meet the latest energy efficiency ratings to ensure a high performing door. For more information and to see what our doors are made of please view our full range of composite doors.

What is a fanlight/toplight?

A top light or fan light is a glazed rectangular piece above a door. Top lights are available for all of our composite doors. These are either ready-welded to the top of the door frame or provided with a frame coupler. See examples of fanlights/toplights for more information.

What is a side panel?

A side light or side panel is a glazed rectangular piece to the side of a door. Side lights are also are available for all of our composite doors. These are supplied separately with a frame coupler to join the two pieces together. Side lights are available to both sides of a door. We have various examples of side panels to help you.

What are the building regulations?

There are a few key areas to consider to ensure that current building regulations are met when changing your windows and doors. These areas are simply observed and met but if you are in any doubt then please seek advice from a surveyor. The following information is correct at the time it was written:

Toughened glass locations (Part K)

The above link indicates the areas where toughened glass is required. These areas are considered to be at risk if they are accidentally knocked or fallen in to. Toughened glass is necessary in these locations as toughened glass breaks in a safer way than ordinary glass in case the panes are hit hard enough to break.

If you require a side panel with your composite door, we will automatically toughen the glazed section of the panel. If you require toughened glass in your window, please click the toughened glass box and the whole window will be upgraded to toughened glass.

Trickle Vents (Part F)

Trickle vents allow the ventilation of a room reducing the moisture that can build due to a lack of adequate ventilation. The key point with this regulation is that any window that currently has a trickle vent in it must be replaced with one. The regulations also state that kitchens and bathrooms should be well ventilated but this is usually achieved through a fan. However if the room is not ventilated adequately then it would be good practice to fit trickle ventilators to replacement windows to improve air quality. We would therefore recommend that any room other than a bathroom, kitchen or utility room be fitted with trickle vents.

Fire Escape Windows (Part B)

This is an important area to consider as certain windows will require a fire escape hinge which open to 90 degrees in case of fire. The present regulations state you must achieve a minimum opening of .33 square metre with the bottom of the opening part of the window at no higher than 1100mm from the floor. This equates to a clear unrestricted opening of 450mm x 750mm as a minimum. These measurements can be in either direction i.e. 450mm wide x 750mm high or 750mm wide x 450mm high. We would recommend that all habitable upstairs rooms have a window with a means of escape in a fire. Please refer to this flowchart as a means to provide guidance with this:

‚ÄčWhat is the delivery date for my items?

As soon as you place an order with us we will contact you for payment. Once payment has been made and your order is confirmed, your items will be sent to be manufactured. The turnaround of our products is as follows:

White, Rosewood and Golden Oak UPVC windows -  5-10 working days

Coloured foil UPVC windows - 10-15 working days

Composite doors (non-sprayed finish) - 7-12 working days

Composite doors (sprayed finish) - 9-20 working days

What is a frame extender/add on?

A frame extender or add on are used to provide an added thickness to a frame. Our frame extenders come in 15mm or 35mm sizes. These are generally used to ensure that the openers of the windows do not foul on your external walls. If you require an add on, please note that these will be included as part of your frame width or height. For example, if you require a frame with a 15mm frame extender to the left and right hand side and you give us a total width of 900mm, the frame width will come at 870mm as the other 30mm will be made up of the two 15mm frame extenders.

How do I order a composite door?

Please use our composite door builder to design your perfect door. Once you have tailored your door, submit your quote request using the designer and a member of our team will email you with your quotation. If you decide to proceed with the order, we will confirm the sizing and technical details with you prior to manufacture.

How do I order a window?

For window orders, the most popular way in which our customers order with us is by using our price calculator. Once you have priced your windows up, simply follow the instructions and enter your details in our order form and you will receive an auto-email to confirm your order. We will then contact you for payment and further details regarding your order. Once payment has been made and your specification confirmed your windows will be sent for manufacture. To order your windows, please head to our window designer tool.

Can I return my item?

As all orders are made to measure you will be unable to return your items if you change your mind. 

Do you deliver to me?

We deliver to large parts of the country and charge a one off delivery charge per order instead of per item. To find out if we deliver to you and how much this would cost, please check our delivery areas. If you can't find your area on our delivery page, this does not necessarily mean we do not deliver to that area. Please contact us to confirm.

What guarantees are provided for the windows and doors?

All windows and doors bought through Trade Windows 4U come with a manufacturers guarantee as standard. For more information regarding the length of these warranties, head to our guarantees page.