Pick a colour for the external side of your door. With 14 to choose from you can really stand out from the crowd. All our composite doors are available in White, Black, Blue, Green, Red, Light Wood, Dark Wood, Duck Egg Blue, Chartwell Green, Slate Grey, Merry BerryAnthracite Grey, French Grey and Agate Grey. For more information, please see our composite door colour page.

All of our composite doors come with an authentic wood grain finish resulting in an attractive final product and a perfect addition to your home.

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Composite door builder

Composite Door Lifespan

Robust – Composite doors are durable, with no twisting, warping or splitting as with timber doors

Contemporary hardware
1 Glazed Strip Composite Door

Secure – Technologically-advanced locking systems meet all the requirements demanded from a 21st century entrance door to keep you and your home safe


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Modern Composite Doors

5 square arch composite door anthracite grey
1 square composite door in blue
Contemporary hardware

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3 square strip composite door in agate grey

Modern Composite Front Doors

5 Square Arch

3 Diamond

1 Square

3 square composite door in purple

Our GRP Composite doors offer an exceptional lifespan to ensure a high level of performance compared to other door types. This is due to the various components that make up a composite door. All doors are made to last and deal with whatever life (and the weather!) throws at them.

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3 Square Strip

Contemporary Composite Door Hardware

GRP composite door lifespan
Contemporary hardware
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Our stainless steel hardware options provide a superb finishing touch to your new modern front door. Available in a variety of styles from long bars to sweeping handles, make as much as a statement as you want.

For further information and warranty information, please head to our hardware options page.

It's good to know...

​Low maintenance – No need to paint or varnish; simply wipe clean

Thermally-efficient – Good insulation properties keep out draughts and help to reduce your energy bills

Our modern composite front door styles will help provide that wow factor for your home. With contemporary glazing styles and handle options, your new front door is only a click away. Extremely versatile and durable, our diy modern composite front doors are designed for energy efficiency, home security and property aesthetics. 

Browse our modern GRP door styles below and personalise your new door with unique glass options such as our Sandblasted stripes and bubbles. Then choose your door colour from classics to wood effects and sprayed finishes such as anthracite grey and chartwell green.

Modern Composite Door Colours

3 diamond composite door in chartwell green

1 Strip

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