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Thermally-efficient – 19% more thermally efficient that a 48mm solid timber core composite door and 17% more thermally efficient that a 44mm traditional timber panelled door

Features of our twin rebate doors

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Double rebate door slab

70mm Twin Rebate Composite Doors

Solid timber core composite door

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Timber panel door

Secured by Design approved as standard

70mm twin rebate door

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At Trade Windows 4U, we are always striving to provide the most up-to-date and cutting edge window and door products and our range of double rebate composite doors are testament to this. 

​With 12 individual door styles to choose from, our range of 70mm composite doors are at the forefront of entrance door technology in regards to energy efficiency and security providing total peace of mind. 

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Triple glazed units as standard for all glazed doors

An increased slab size is also designed to improve the overall security of the door and all doors within this range are Secured by Design licensed. The thicker slabs also enable a triple sealing system and triple glazing on all doors to ensure that whichever style you pick you can rest assured that an exceptional level of efficiency is provided.

All double rebate composite doors are available in 11 colours from more traditional colours to more contemporary options such as anthracite grey.

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70mm double rebate composite door

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Secure – Winkhaus multipoint locking system designed to meet all the requirements demanded from a 21st century entrance door to keep you and your home safe

Once you have decided on your style, glazing and colour options your new twin rebate door can then be further modified with an impressive range of traditional or contemporary hardware options. 

From standard lever handles to cutting edge long bar options you can truly make your new door your own and add the finishing touches you need.

Timber panel door

59% thicker than a standard 44mm door providing an extremely robust product

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When making the decision of upgrading your existing door you can be assured that when choosing a 70mm double rebate door from  Trade Windows 4U you will have an entrance door with leading edge performance. 

The main feature of our twin rebate doors is the 70mm door slab as opposed to a 44mm slab used in traditional composite doors. The primary benefit of the increased slab size is that it provides a higher lever of thermal efficiency. When tested against a 48mm solid timber composite door, the 70mm slab was 19% more thermally efficient. The three images below demonstrate this feature as the darker the blue, the less heat is being lost.

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Solid timber core composite door