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During the winter months when central heating is used to keep your home warm and comfortable, a large proportion of us are subjected to a common household irritant – condensation. Condensation can build up on windows, doors and walls to name a few and can lead to a build-up of mould creating additional maintenance work to be undertaken in your home.

Condensation happens when warm air comes into contact with a surface with a lower temperature. This process creates water droplets through every day occurrences such as cooking and drying clothing indoors.

Fortunately, modern double or triple glazing can help reduce condensation occurring in the property through the various components that make up a window. A large proportion of a double glazed window’s energy loss is at the glass edge. A typical aluminium spacer allows heat to escape as they are highly conductive which in turn reduces the temperature of the window which encourages condensation to occur. 

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The main way in which modern double or triple glazed units can help reduce condensation in your home is through the warm edge spacer found between the units of glass. At Trade Windows 4U, the windows supplied feature a warm edge spacer which is made of composite construction.

This spacer bar results in a much lower heat loss at the window edges which in turn means that the glass is slightly warmer than that of an aluminium spacer bar therefore reducing the formation of condensation. Take control of installing new windows by buying your windows direct from us and make huge savings on improving the efficiency of your home whilst reducing the risk of condensation.

All windows bought from Trade Windows 4U are A rated as standard and can be tailored with a variety of colour, hardware, security and decoration options to make your new windows designed to meet your requirements. Check our window designer and take the first step in updating your current windows.

Warm edge spacer bar

Reducing Condensation

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