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Whilst Triple glazing has its benefits and uses, it is worth noting that to get the optimum performance out of your property triple glazing is best installed in an energy saving build or renovation. As Triple glazing is a more expensive option compared to double-glazing, the older your existing windows are the more benefits you will see by installing triple glazed windows. Triple glazing may also have an impact on the ‘solar gain’ due to an extra layer of glass making it harder for light to pass through which may mean that A rated double glazing may be a more appropriate replacement.

We can offer DIY double and supply only triple glazed windows depending on your requirements and are happy to offer advice on your upcoming projects. To check our styles and designs, please head to our UPVC window page.

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One of the main benefits of installing triple glazing is the thermal efficiency that comes with it. It is worth noting that triple glazed units are approximately 60% more thermally efficient than standard C rated aluminium double-glazed units. By adding a more thermally efficient window to your property you can reduce the amount of heat lost and therefore retain heat in your home, keeping your bills down.

Another aspect of triple glazing is the ability to combat noise pollution. If your property is by a busy main road you will notice a significant reduction in noise due to the acoustic performance of triple glazed windows. Triple glazed windows can also help prevent condensation occurring in the property by reducing the heat loss at the window edges.

If you are living in a property with double-glazing and thicker or newer wall insulation, the efficiency of the insulation may be better than your existing double-glazing. This can result in your windows becoming colder compared to other areas in the property. If this is the case then Triple glazing can offer an ideal solution to this by balancing out the difference in U-Values.

The glazing industry is an ever-changing one as advancements in products and manufacturing continue to improve. The latest product of this technology and natural progression is triple glazing. Triple glazed windows add a third glazed unit to increase overall window performance in terms of efficiency and boasts noise and condensation reduction qualities.

Advancements in the glazing industry have seen the efficiency of windows as a whole improve tremendously by being measured with a U-Values. Simply put, the lower the U-Value, the better or more efficient a material is as a heat insulator. A typical modern double glazed unit has a U-Value of anywhere between 1.8-1.6 whereas Triple glazing has enabled window manufacturers to achieve U-Values of 1.0 and better.

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