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Key Features of the Shootbolt Locking System

Although performance of replacement windows in terms of energy efficiency and the aesthetic characteristics are highly important, the security aspects of the window cannot be overlooked and is just as important to some homeowners when it comes to their property.

When looking at replacing your existing windows it is worth noting the different locking systems available as generally speaking the standard locking system available today is the Espagnolette lock. The espagnolette multipoint lock runs the width and height of the sash and is operated when the window handle is open and closed by securing and releasing a metal keep which when closed means that the opening part of the window is securely fastened to the window frame with the use of cams. Whilst this locking system is efficient there are various other options which can provide an all-round more secure window.

Alternative locking systems are available to provide additional peace of mind when looking at replacement windows. At Trade Windows 4U the optional security upgrade locking system is the shootbolt lock.

Sacbolt for window

The sacbolt can be added with either the espagnolette or shootbolt locking systems which gives you the ability to pick and choose which windows you would like the upgraded security features to be added to.

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8 point locking system

400% more contact area with keep when compared to standard locking system

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​There are also alternative features other than locking systems that can be applied to replacement windows for extra security. An option supplied by Trade Windows 4U is the sacbolt. The sacbolt has an anti-jemmy design and acts as a deadbolt on the hinge side of the window between the opening sash and the frame. The sacbolt and keep guides the sash to a correct sash closing procedure every time the sash and also relieves the hinge from stress assuring a longer window life.

Rigorously tested to BS7950 and beyond to achieve Secure by Design status

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Shootbolt locking system
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The shootbolt locking system comprises of an additional locking point positioned on the corner of the casement window sash which provides 400% more contact area with keep when compared to traditional locking systems.

​The shootbolt locking system has been rigorously tested to PAS24/2012 and beyond to achieve Secure by Design status which gives you a more robust security option for your replacement windows.

​The shootbolt locking system can be added to any window frame but may be a more suitable option for lower floor windows or windows that are more isolated. 

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Tested to 30 years worth of heavy use

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