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The above components combine to provide a truly efficient diy window. These features allow you to benefit from solar gain.

This not only allows heat generated from your home to be reflected back into the room but also to trap free heat from the sun through solar gain, thus maximising the thermal performance of the window.

This ultimately in turn allows you to reduce your CO2 consumption.

Double glazed cross section



Contora Glass Design
Pelerine Glass Design
Flemish Glass Design

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Warm Edge Spacer

Oak Leaf

Energy Efficient UPVC Windows

Stippolyte Glass Design


Everglade Glass Design
Chantilly Glass Design

This thermal image highlights just how effective fitting energy efficient windows to your property can be. The right hand side of the property still has the original windows - the reds and pinks show heat escaping. However, the new extension on the left is fitted with energy efficient windows. The lack of reds and pinks indicate how the windows can help dramatically reduce heat loss.

Autumn Leaf

Window Frame Benefits

Mayflower Glass Design
Solar Gain


Digital Glass Design


Obscure Glass Patterns

Multi-chamber construction and insulated beading is designed to improve strength, thermal and acoustic performance.

The Q-Lon weatherseal offers exceptional performance over a wide temperature range. It doesn't shrink or stretch, maintaining the same shape resulting in an excellent weather seal.

Florielle Glass Design
Pilkington Glass
Reduce CO2

So not only do you make huge savings by installing diy UPVC windows but you still benefit from an A rated, top of the range window system which will boost the aesthetic quality and general efficiency of your home.

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If you require a degree of privacy from your glazed units whilst still allowing natural light into the room then you can choose from any of the Pilkington Texture Glass range as shown below. Each image demonstrates the level of privacy each design provides. All of the Texture Glass range are available for all of our double and triple glazed units as well as for top lights and side lights for composite doors. 

Arctic Glass Design


Charcoal Sticks

Charcoal Sticks Glass Design
Sycamore Glass Design
Efficient Windows Thermal Image


Double clipped hollow glazing bead is designed to aid thermal performance.



Q-lon weatherseal

Pilkington Low E glass as standard helps retain energy and makes the most of heat from the sun.

Minster Glass Design
Oak Leaf Glass Design


Warm edge spacer help ensure that energy loss at the glass edge is kept to a minimum. Traditional aluminium spacers allow heat to escape and encourage condensation.  Warm edge spacers are up to 22 times more efficient at preventing heat transfer around the window edge.

Autumn Leaf Glass Design
Cotswold Glass Design


There's more than meets the eye with our diy double glazed UPVC windows. With high performing components making up every frame, you are guaranteed an A rated and efficient window which not only looks great but that also saves you money on energy bills! All made to measure supply only windows are BFRC rated providing you with high levels of thermal efficiency. See each component below to find out how.


Taffeta Glass Design
Bevelled or Featured Bead


Multi Chamber