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The key aspect of choosing your new door is just that, choice! The choice really is yours to give as much character into your new door as you like whilst knowing that your new door is durable, easily maintained and won’t rot or warp. 

​Another key aspect when choosing a new door has to be security and by combining a multipoint locking system comprising of two hooks, two finger bolts and a deadbolt and a reinforced door frame you can feel reassured that a composite door will keep your home and family fully protected. 

​When taking all of the features of a composite door into consideration it is clear to see why so many people are making the change to composite doors. All composite doors are made to measure based on your requirements and will ultimately add long-term value, kerb appeal and security to your home.

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New Composite Door

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It’s something that at some stage in our lives we will all get updated.  Whether it’s in a property you have lived in for a long time or if you have just moved in, your front door will ultimately become over-worn, dilapidated or just out-dated. Your front door is the first feature that people notice about your home so it plays quite a large role as your door makes a statement about your home’s personality.

When it comes to replacing your old door, why not make a stylish, secure and low-maintenance choice and make you new door a composite door? After all, composite doors are made to last and are the future of entrance doors.

Our ranges of composite doors provide the perfect answer to improving the look and efficiency of your home. With numerous styles, glass designs, colours and furniture options to choose from you are bound to find the perfect replacement front or back door for your home.

The beauty of replacing your existing door with a composite door is that the traditional aesthetics and style of a wooden door are retained but without the hassle of ongoing maintenance such as sanding, treating and painting. Not only this but composite doors also help you with keeping the cold out and the heat in providing unrivalled energy efficiency which ultimately helps you keep your bills down!

Your Composite Door

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